High achievers in the workplace today are pressured more fiercely than ever before; an element of that pressure comes from the achievers themselves.  Self-doubt is a major cause of pressure and stress. Many hear daily an internal nagging voice creating fear, fear of getting caught out or failing.  Imposter Syndrome is normal. It affects a huge population of highly achieving women and men in the marketplace today. The higher you go in organisations the more common it is. Few people talk about it therefore few tackle it. It is conquerable. 

This fast moving interactive session is an exploration of the syndrome seeking to help those suffering in silence. The session is also for those who manage high achievers: this session will help you lead them with understanding. 

Women and men suffer from the syndrome and this session explores the key differences in their relationship to the phenomenon. Focusing on some ways to overcome the syndrome is our primary aim of the session.

 Safe, fun and experiential, our morning is a step towards greater confidence and self-awareness. You will leave with a deeper sense of yourself, and greater confidence as a result. 

Deena Gornick is an executive coach and international speaker with over 25 years of experience; her events receive enthusiastic feedback for being not only informative, useful and uplifting but fun as well. She is a trained psychotherapist with fifteen years of experience as a performer, this informs her work as a coach and a speaker. She has worked with such organisations as Redbull, Oliver Wyman, Baringa, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Allianz, Citibank. 

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